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Message from the President

CIPS British Columbia                                                                                                          

July 2015

It is with great honour that I have accepted the opportunity to serve as your President, and I am proud to lead this prestigious organization that is a pioneer in the Information Technology industry not only in Canada, but all around the world. Retaining this pride requires immense efforts by all members of CIPS BC and I will stand firm to support all these valued efforts.

I wish to center my presidency on “hope, persistence and re-vitalization”, vital needs at this time in the history of CIPS and indeed, all professional organizations around the world.  I look forward to the support of all members and I assure that your voices will be heard.

I thank our Past President Dave O’Leary for his remarkable leadership.  Several accomplishments including a Business Plan were completed under his guidance. His expertise in the Education sector as well as outreach to academics, our members and officials, has greatly aided CIPS.

We have a great team in our Board of Directors who are all excellent Information Professionals, and skilled industry experts from broad sectors: Management, Consulting, Educations and Government.

Find out more about your board of directors and other CIPS BC information and activities on our website http://bc.cips.ca/.

I welcome any ideas and suggestions you may contribute via email at info@bc.cips.ca

I am grateful for your continued belief in and support of CIPS. Let us work together towards an exciting future!

All the best,

Jude Pillainayagam, P. Eng., I.S.P., MBA, MIAM.

President, CIPS BC

 CIPS BC Annual General Meeting on Sept. 29, 2016 President's Report


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