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Join us and take charge of your future!

CIPS BC is a not-for-profit, volunteer association!

As in most not-for-profit organizations, the real work of CIPS BC is accomplished by a group of dedicated volunteers. The volunteer Executive provides overall guidance and coordination, and also works together with CIPS National on issues.

Volunteering on the Board and/or for specific activities is one of the best ways to network and make valuable contacts with fellow IM / IT professionals.  It can also raise your personal profile and that of your company in the local IM / IT community.  Please contact us at info@bc.cips.ca if you wish to volunteer.

Below is a summary of volunteer opportunities.  Note that while there is a board member responsible for each area, you do not have to commit to being a board member to be come involved.  Several of the activities, such as events and membership require multiple volunteers.



Member of the Provincial Board

The Board is responsible for the overall direction and operation of the Society.  The board.  The board chooses the executive for the year including the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.The board meets approximately monthly, via teleconference.


Manage membership database; encourage new membership and identify the needs of the current membership.

Corporate Liaison

Solicit support for CIPS from the IT industry, represent the voice of CIPS


Organize and coordinate member events (dinner programs, education sessions/workshops, special events).  Events are organized in several places (Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops) and require local involvement.

We are also looking to offer web-based events for the benefit of members throughout the province.

Education Liaison

Maintain relationships with education institutions in BC. Provide career-enhancing opportunities for students and recruitment opportunities for CIPS and employers.


Update content on Website; create new pages as needed; provide reports on registration information to executive.


Ensure CIPS' message is delivered to members and the public;  coordinate distribution of CIPS information on all media (bulletin boards, internet, targeted mail outs, drop-offs).

National Director

Represents CIPS BC on the CIPS National Board.  This postion requires previous CIPS experience at the provincial or national level.

Volunteering on a board or committee not only looks good on a resume but, more importantly, teaches much about project management, supervision, and human nature!

You get far more out of volunteering for these kinds of positions than you put into them (e.g. new skills and knowledge, new friendships, new opportunities).

Contact us through the Contact link on the website or via email to info@bc.cips.ca if you are interested in volunteering or would simply like more information.



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